Anjuman I Islam's - Dr. M.I.J Girls High School & JC- Bandra, Mumbai

First Semester Examination Timetable IX & X

First Semester Examination Timetable for Std IX and X (2019-2020)

Day Date IX X
Thursday  10/10/2019 MATHS-II SCIENCE-I
Friday 11/10/2019 ENGLISH URDU
Saturday  12/10/2019 SCIENCE - I MATHS-U
Monday 14/10/2020 HISTORY & POL.SC MARATHI
Tuesday  15/10/2020 SCIENCE-II GEOGRAPHY& ECO
Wednesday  16/10/2020 MATHS-I SCIENCE-II
Thursday  17/10/2020 MARATHI HISTORY & POL.SC
Friday  18/10/2020 URDU ENGLISH
Saturday  19/10/2020 ARABIC/ HINDI ARABIC / HINDI
Wednesday  23/10/2020 GEOGRAPHY MATHS-I

Events and Happenings


  D/S, Wishing you a Happy Children's Day. May your dreams come true. Best regards from Teachers non teaching staff, Mrs Jabeen n Principal-MIJ, Bandra.
 Wishing good health, more wealth, peace, fame, love, in your life... Happy Diwali.
 D/P of Std IX n X, U r requested to kindly attend your daughter's open house at the school today at 10.00am. Principal Anjuman Islam Bandra
 D/P,We are starting with daily attendance sms from std 5th to 10th, in case you have received a wrong sms though your child is present in school, plz do not panic. Kindly contact school office to verify- MIJ School, Bandra.
 D/P, Base line exam for Urdu subject will be conducted today. Attendance compulsory.(Std: 5th-8th)-Principal-MIJ Bandra.
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